Vette Head's Not Dead


In the 1980s, Jim Stillwater is a street smart, but idealistic young officer in one of the U.S. Army’s most elite units. As the preparations for a mission in Japan are completed, Jim and his team find themselves being manipulated to take the mission to a new level.

Years later, instead of guns and clandestine ops, Jim and a tight group of friends feed their need for speed with a shared love of muscle cars, mainly Corvettes. Their restless adrenaline-junkie nature influences Jim and his friend to plan the retrieval of a buried transmission from a classic Corvette. To accomplish their mission, they collaborate with the former owner of the Corvette—a lesbian biker.

Deep in the New Hampshire woods, the friends find themselves in a life and death struggle with a group of religious extremists and corrupt cops that have buried more than a transmission.

Here is what one reader said:

"Despite some initial reservations as to the storyline described in the book's description, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Being ex-military and knowing the author myself; Lee Sweetapple weaves a tight story line and keeps the action going all the way to the end.

People who've served in our military will enjoy the book as it reminds them of the camraderie they likely experienced while serving in their respective branches of the armed forces. Lee Sweetapple shines the light on the many risks of covert action early in the book and problems faced by operatives in the field.

The action-packed storyline progresses to New Hampshire where the author richly describes the surroundings and helps the reader visualize each character's actions in the close quarter combat sequences.

Highly recommended reading for fans of the genre so richly brought to life by writers such as W.E.B Griffin and Tom Clancy."

Lee Sweetapple grew up in Miami Springs, Florida, and graduated from the University of Miami. A retired lieutenant colonel of the U.S. Army Reserve, he currently resides in Virginia with his wife and children. His next book, "The Cult of No Straight Answers" will follow soon.

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