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The Bowathlon Concept


Bowathlon is the new sport that combines traditional archery and cross country running.

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Bowathlon is designed to allow archers to compete under extreme stress. Archers compete for time on a cross-country style running course. Running time is important, but better archery scores will win out over a fast runner with poor archery scores.

The Archers stop at three (Challenger Division) or four (Masters Division) archery stations and shoot with time running at each station.

A six arrow "End" is shot at each target station. Distance varies per course rules.

The target is 12 inches in diameter.

A one minute penalty is added to the runner's time for each arrow that misses the target.

An additional one minute "no shot" penalty is added to the runner's time if in the opinion of the umpire no effort to hit the target was made. The umpire will normally apply this penalty if an arrow fails to travel half of the distance to the target.

Events should be held in natural environments such as parks or bridal trails. Archery stations and courses should be arranged to encourage spectator participation.

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